Nextdoor Edmondson Heights

Exactly what is NextDoor Edmondson Heights?  And Why should I join?

NextDoor Edmondson Heights is the private social network exclusively for the Edmondson Heights     community.  It is similar to Facebook except it is restricted to registered and verified members of the Edmondson Heights community.

The mission of NextDoor Edmondson Heights is to bring back a sense of community to our neighborhood and to help us connect with all our neighbors throughout the Edmondson Heights community.

NextDoor Edmondson Heights can be used as follows:

  • To share useful information;  answer your fellow neighbors’ questions; report crime and emergency alerts; discuss community-wide issues; and organize and publicize neighborhood events.
  • Track down a trustworthy babysitter, Find out who does the best paint job in town, Ask for help keeping an eye out for a lost pet., Learn your neighbor’s first name and wave or call them by name when you see them.
  • To support our neighborhood:  recommend local businesses and service providers without spamming; sell, share or donate items you no longer need; and strengthen the community by inviting your neighbors to join NextDoor Edmondson Heights.

Neighbors are people who help and look out for each other.  So please, respect your neighbors.  Be honest,  authentic and straightforward at all times.  Show tolerance to each other, even if you do not share similar  opinions.  Do not share content from the website outside the neighborhood without your neighbor’s permission.  Technology is a powerful tool for making our neighborhood a stronger and safer place to call home.  Amazing things can happen just by talking to the people next door.

Privacy and Safety Policy:  Nextdoor Edmondson Heights makes it safe to share on line the kinds of things you would be okay sharing with your neighbors in person.

  •  Every neighbor has to verify their address and sign in with their real name just like in person.
  • Access to NextDoor Edmondson Heights is limited to registered and verified residents of the Edmondson Heights community only.
  • The website is protected by your user ID, password and encrypted by HTTPS.
  •  Information is never shared outside Next Door to third party advertisers and will never show up in Google or any other search engine
  •  Only you and other verified neighbors can see information shared on your Edmondson Heights Nextdoor website.

Support your Neighborhood:

  • Strengthen the community by inviting your neighbors to join Nextdoor Edmondson Heights.
  • Become an involved neighbor.

If you would like to be a part of this online community, go to on your browser and join.  If you have already received an invitation to join Nextdoor Edmondson Heights, follow the special link on the invitation to create your account.

Now that you have joined Nextdoor Edmondson Heights, won’t. you please pay your residence dues which are due and payable each calendar year January 1st through Decenber 31st,