Animal Laws

Animal Laws-Article 12 Baltimore County Code

1.  When off the owner’s property, all dogs and cats must be walked on a leash. If chained outside, chains must have swivels. Chain collars may not be used, except when training.

2. All dogs and cats four months of age must be vaccinated against rabies.

3. All dogs and cats must be licensed at four months of age. New pets and all animals moving into Baltimore County must be licensed within thirty days.

4. All animals must be provided shelter for protection from wind, snow, rain, cold and the sun, plus adequate daily food and water, in clean un-tippable bowls.

5. Owners of female cats and dogs “in heat” must not leave their pets outside unattended. (Although spaying female or neutering male animals is not required, it is highly recommended.)

6. It is a violation of the law to allow dogs to bark excessively.

7. If an animal bites someone, the owner and the bite victim must report the injury to the Police Department. You are responsible if your pet bites or injures another person or animal, or menaces people in the community.

8. Owners are responsible for the timely removal of pet waste on public and private property.

9. Do not abandon or neglect pets you cannot keep. Instead, call Animal Control for assistance.

10. Any puppy or kitten sold or given away must be at least eight weeks old. Anyone selling or giving away a puppy, kitten, dog or cat must provide a health certificate, signed by a licensed veterinarian, along with a statement indicating date of sale or transfer of animal, description of animal, and immunizations given. The name, address and phone number of buyer and seller must also be provided.

11. Inadequate provision of food or water, unsanitary conditions, animal combat, cruelty and neglect are all considered animal abuse.

Residents who are concerned about violations should contact the County Animal Control Office at 410-887-5961.